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Wellness massages

Reservation Aurore : 33- 660 43 50 52

Massages are for one person at a time.

For a birthday or Christmas present, think to offer a massage.

Californian massage


Relaxing body massage, with soothing organic essential oils, with slow and enveloping movements, to harmonize the body with the mind.

1h00      45€ 

Oriental massage Ariege Mirepoix


Complete relaxation massage of the body, combining both softness and tonicity, for a physical and mental relaxation.

1h00      45€

African massage


According to an african ritual, this tonic and muscular massage remove the tension to restore energy and vitality.

1h00      45€ 

Massage and Reflexology Mirepoix Lavelanet Pamiers


This massage is a subtle blend of different techniques of californian, oriental, african massages adapted to your needs and desires. 

1h00      45€  

Réflexologie plantaire secteur Mirepoix Lavelanet Laroque d'Olmes

Thaï plantar reflexology

On feet and legs with a feeling on the whole body. Contributes to a better energy balance in the body, erases tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, drains toxins and relieves heavy legs.

Gift voucher available.

45 min 36€

Kobido lifting face massage in Ariege Mirepoix Lavelanet

Japonese facelift massage "Kobido"

For a natural way of anti-ageing care.

The skin will become firmer and more youthful, smoothing out any wrinkles by reinvigorating the muscles. In addition this massage works as a facial detox by increasing the blood and lymphatic circulation. Bon cadeau disponible.

45 min 36€

Cure 5 séances 150€          

Massage 5 continents Ariège

Five continents

The magic of a massage invites you to travel, using different massage methods, Lomi-Lomi, Californian, Swedish, Tuina, Ayurvedic. It combines the energy of Reiki and the essential oils that act on your physical and emotional body in 2 stages: - detox - revitalization, relaxation and stimulation of the immune system, it releases your tensions and emotional charges that block vital energy.        1h15    55€

Facial sculpting

Discover this sculpting, anti-aging, relaxing and de-stressing facial massage. This helps reshape the oval of the face, enhance the cheekbones and open the eyes, while reducing wrinkles. It improves the firmness and radiance of the skin, while activating blood and lymphatic circulation. Thanks to its action on all the muscles of the face, it plumps the lips, relaxes the features and promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

1h00   45€            

Pregnacy massage Mirepoix Lavelanet

Pregnancy Massage

After the 3rd month, until the 8th month

Gentle and relaxing massage adapted to the physiology of future mothers.

Gift voucher available

1h00               45€ 

Hot stones massage in Ariege near Mirepoix Chalabre

Hot stones

An alliance of heat volcanic stones and enveloping and relaxing manœuvres.

Very relaxing !

1h15      55€

Atelier massage couple en duo

Duo massage workshop

Duo massage workshop to learn gestures for relaxation and recovery: back legs You will receive a massage and will be able to perform a 20 to 45-minute back and leg massage.

Workshop 2h 39€/pers

Hand feet and face massage


Massage of the 5 extremities of the body, hands, feet and face. This massage can be received dressed.

45 min      36€

30 min      25€

Massage et réflexology Laroque d'Olmes


- Dos + Kobido                  1h00 45€

- Dos + Réfl. plantaire      1h00 45€

- Soin visage+massage corps 1h30 67€

- Dos+Kobido+Réfl. plantar 1h45 78€

- Dos + Étoile                 45min 36€

- Dos + Face                    30min 25€

Sport massage Laroque d'olmes Mirepoix Ariege


Tonic and draining massage to relieve muscle tensions, pains and cramps following sport sessions. Also in preparation before a sporting event. Body parts to choose from.

45min     36€

Reiki Ariege Belloc Mirepoix


Reiki is a japonese holistic therapy and a wonderful system of healing that helps us progress on all 3 levels – physical, mental and spiritual. Reiki revitalizes the body and mind, balances the chakras, promotes relaxation, and calms anxiety.

Clients come for many reasons some if which are :

• Stress and Anxiety 

• Specific physical symptoms such as pain relief and insomnia

• Getting a clearer vision of what they want in life

• Wanting a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-love

• Wanting to get back in the flow of their lives

• Increased sense of well-being and joy 

Séance 1h15 40€

Forfait 4 treatments 140€

All massages are made with organic oils. Well-being massage is in no way comparable to a medical or therapeutic technique and is not a substitute for the practice of massage-physiotherapy or osteopathy.

Massages are in no way sensual, erotic or sexual.