Reiki energy treatment

Adults - Children - Babies

Reiki Ariege Belloc Mirepoix

Reiki energy treatment

Reiki is a Japanese energy harmonization technique. This energetic rebalancing
  • acts on the physical, psychological and emotional levels
  • revitalizes the body and mind
  • balances the chakras
  • frees the mind and promotes relaxation
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • releases energy blockages
  • relieves internal tensions accumulated in the body and mind
Session 1h15  40€
Energy care for children

Reiki child

Reiki works very well on children because they are more sensitive to Reiki than adults. This natural method allows you to :
  • soothe (body and mind) and promote relaxation (hyperactivity)
  • relieve their anxieties, stress, nightmares and fears
  • calm their insomnia and find restful sleep
  • chase away sadness
  • manage small or big injuries, before and after an operation for example
  • help the body regenerate more quickly for children with chronic illnesses


Full session 40€

  • Treatment approximately 1h15
  • (1 hour of treatment + exchange time)
  • Deep treatment package 140€
  • (4 full sessions)

Pain and injuries: short treatment

  • Mini sessions if pain(s)/injury(s) on a specific area of ​​the body
  • (this requires several sessions depending on the type of pain/injury)

  • 15-20 min session       15€
  • (package of 4 sessions) 50€

Baby/child care

  • Baby session 0-2 years    Free price 
  • (10-15 min + discussion time)
  • Children's session 2-15 years old    Free price
  • (15-30 min + discussion time)